Fulfilling our mission to create and deliver an industry standard animation education to our students takes time and effort.  Costs include studio rental, staffing, animation supplies, web site design and support, just to name a few.  All donations are tax deductible by applicable 501c3 tax rules.  Simply click the donate button and enter the amount you wish to give, underneath the donate button is what your donation will do for the animation lab!


Help Rocky Mountain Animation Labs buy teaching essentials such as; dry erase pens, erasers, paper towels, a new door handle, and cleaning supplies.

$50 – $100

Donations at this level may be used to supply students with animation supplies. Including but not limited to; animation clay, armature wire, stop motion puppets, paper for cut out animations, moldable plastic, and legos.

$100 – $250

This level of donation can purchase updated HD webcams, digital drawing tablets, external memory, tripods, green screen supplies (full length green screen, green screen programs, green screen paint), and more!


$250 – $500

These donations can be used as matching scholarship funds for a student who might not otherwise be able to afford tuition.

$500 – $1000

A donation between $500 and $1000 can be used to purchase new animation stage lights, digital animation storage devices, or finance a teacher-in-training to make more classes available.

$1000 – $5000

Donations at this level can be used to supplement one of our instructor’s salaries, improve infrastructure (within current location or being able to afford a larger space for bigger animation projects), or purchase dslr cameras for creating hi-resolution movie quality animation.

$5000 – $10,000

A donation of this amount can provide office space for staff and expand our outreach capabilities in either our Durango Campus, Online Campus, Arts/Tech Summer Camp, or Teacher Training Program.

$10,000 – $25,000

This type of donation could help us upgrade our animation computer systems not only with new hardware, but improved software, networking, and cloud storage systems.

$25,000 – $100,000

These donations can help us launch new programs – hiring the staff, purchasing the equipment, and expanding our facilities to make our strategic plans a reality.

$100,000 & Above

Significant donations such as these allow us to pursue excellence in staffing, technology, and outreach for all programs.





Providing industry standard animation education needs your support!

RMAL opened it’s doors in the Fall of 2014.  At that time it was just an idea and an empty studio.  Founder David Tart began purchasing equipment, creating curriculum, and structured classes that would work both as in-class and online lessons.  Originally conceived of as a small, for-profit animation school, David quickly realized that a non-profit structure would allow much broader access to the school, and the opportunity to realize it’s for main programmatic goals, which are:


Durango Campus

Extracurricular animation classes for all-age students in the Durango, Colorado area.

Arts/Technology Camp

Regional animation, film-making, performing arts and computer graphics summer camp.

Online Campus

Access to all the curriculum, lessons, and animation supplies needed for distance study of animation.

Teacher Training Program

Consult, service, and collaborate with regional schools and educators who want to integrate animation into their academic curriculum.

Want to know more about our plans?  HAVE AT LOOK AT OUR 2016 DONOR HANDBOOK!

If you are new to animation, here’s a short film by Rocky Mountain Animation Labs founder that explains the process: